Lutein & Anthocyanin

New Japanese brand G-SQUARE has developed a complete range of retina care supplement, one capsule already contains lutein, anthocyanin, zeaxanthin and astaxanthin

All G-SQUARE supplements are manufactured by GMP certified factory in Japan.


We often have to work with computers, tablets, and mobile phones for a long time every day, and even play games and binge-watch after work.

Our eyes need protection more than you can imagine. You should not ignore the damage to our eyes caused by blue light.

If a cryptic nodule is formed in the center of the macula of the retina and ruptures caused bleeding, patient's vision will be blacked out in the middle part.


Lutein: FloraGLO Lutein formula from USA

With 20 years of experience of applying in supplements of major brands in the world, it is the world's No. 1 lutein formula.

Lutein can be found in the macula, a densely distributed area of the optic nerve, of our eye.

Lutein has the ability to absorb blue light and resist oxidation


Anthocyanins: MirtoSelect-Original Bilberry Extract from Italy

The patented ingredient (MirtoSelect) from Indena SpA is also the most validated formula in clinical research. Each 100mg would contain more than 36% of anthocyanins (contain the most anthocyanins, comparing with the other similar products) to ensure providing the best nutrition to our eyes.


The product is not used for diagnosis, treatment, rehabilitation or prevention of disease.

If you are in doubt about the suitability of taking this product, please consult your doctor first.