G-SQAURE's CoQ10 supplement is 100% (include ingredients) made in Japan, and it also contained vitamin E extracted from soybeans.

All G-SQUARE supplements are manufactured by GMP certified factory in Japan.


Hong Kong people are very busy at work every day, and their tiredness accumulates day by day

This may lead to decreased work motivation, slow reaction time, less alertness, inattention, poor psychometric coordination, memory and information processing problems and poor judgment


CoQ10 is an important and indispensable substance in the human body. It exists in cells and helps stimulate the mitochondria to produce energy.

For example: breathing (lungs), heart contraction, muscle movement and metabolic function.

The amount of CoQ10 in the human body will decrease by aging. For example, the amount of CoQ10 in the heart and kidney at the age of 40 is only 70% of that in the age of 20, and factors such as unbalanced diet and stress will also accelerate the loss of CoQ10.

Therefore, supplementing CoQ10 is also the key to maintaining health and youthful vitality.


CoQ10 can reduce the feeling of fatigue, and continuous taking supplements to maintain blood concentration of CoQ10 can help improve physical fitness.

At the same time, CoQ10 has antioxidant effect, can improve blood sugar control, and also help to protect the heart.


The product is not used for diagnosis, treatment, rehabilitation or prevention of disease.

If you are in doubt about the suitability of taking this product, please consult your doctor first.